Melisa C. Kimball LMT, SET, NC
Structural Energetic Therapy for Acute & Chronic Pain

About Me

I have been a licensed massage therapist in CT since 2012. I have worked on the medical staff for a semi pro football team, various wellness centers and chiropractics offices during my career. Now in my own private practice, I continue to further my education by learning new techniques to meet the needs of my clients. In addition to being a licensed massage therapist in CT and a member of AMTA, I am a Certified Structural Teaching Assistant for Structural Energetic Therapy and I am Holistic Nutrition Consulant graduate from Bauman College -Holistic Nutrition &Culinary Arts (Graduated w/Honors).

In my years of practice, I have always had the intuitiveness and desire to rehabilitate my clients from pain. In 2015, I was introduced too, Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) in Mass at a Massage Therapy Festival. I went up to the booth because it had said acute and chronic pain. It was something that I had experienced from time to time and so did my clients. I received a treatment from one of the Structural Energetic Therapist. That next morning I woke up and felt so different in many positive ways, from that moment forward I knew that was what I needed to learn! I got this flutter inside when I signed up for the school confirming my decision. From that time, each and ever day I am grateful for this unique and life changing therapy I can help so many people with!.  

Structural Energetic Therapy is really the Ultimate Rehabilitation from Acute and Chronic Pain and Dysfunction. After being an athlete for so many years and my body feeling the effects of it, I found SET to exactly what I needed and felt structural changes after receiving SET. I noticed that each treatment I received it got better and better. 

After dedicating a year to this advanced training with Structural Energetic Therapy, I am a Certified SET practitioner that offers this as the primary therapy in my practice. Using these SET techniques, I have helped many people find their balance from rehabilitation, live a more active life,  and support their transformational journey!

 Please call or text me at (203) 733-2258 if you'd like to contact me.